Lemon Quartz


Lemon Quartz brings creativity, optimism and well-being.  It helps focus on goals, set targets and focuses the mind.  The Lemon Quartz amplifies thoughts and allows you to see clearly and receive information intuitively.  This aids in clarity of thought, strengthens communication and emotional balance.

When using Lemon Quartz it frees the user from anxiety and reduces stress.  Lemon Quartz free us from negative thought and is a reminder to count our blessings as it brings the user opportunities for abundance and prosperity.

In terms physical health Lemon Quartz speeds recovery after illness or surgery and is an excellent crystal for dieters.  It reduces food cravings (it also reduces nicotine cravings if you wish to give up smoking) and increases your metabolic rate.

It is said that Lemon Quartz is a stone of Good Luck and should be worn/carried when attending job interviews or sitting exams.  The Lemon Quartz enables higher thinking, quicker thinking and clear thinking.

As a stone of good luck Lemon Quartz is said to bring in money during times of emergency or need.

Lemon Quartz is excellent for scrying (helping to create a clearer channel to spirit and guides).

Lemon Quartz true gift to the wearer/user is that it helps remind us of what is important.  It enhances our feelings and bond with loved ones who have crossed over and who are present.  It is an excellent gift to a friend or loved one as it makes the recipient feel warmed, content and at peace by those around them and in their environment.