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Thank you for purchasing a unique piece of jewellery from Highlands Jewellery. Our fine jewellery is for life, passed down from generation to generation. We hope you will make the effort to take good care of it, as proper care helps to maintain the original lustre, elegance and charm of your precious jewellery – as well as save on repairs and restoration. We recommend that you use special jewellery cleaners and clean your jewellery often, in a manner that will not cause damage to the jewellery – i.e. without abrasives. Do not wear the jewellery while doing housework, gardening, sports or similar activities. Do not expose your jewellery to any kind of impact. Coloured stones are fragile. They are not like diamonds. We advise you not to wear your jewellery whilst sleeping. Store delicate jewellery in a place where no heavy items are likely to fall on top of it. Do not store in a place where it might get broken or bent against another surface. Do not allow your jewellery to rub against hard metals or surfaces which may scratch it. Do not forget to remove and store your jewellery whilst taking a bath or swimming. Pearls and stones may lose their sheen and brilliance when exposed to body oils, creams, perfumes etc.



Highlands Jewellery white gold is 100% nickel-free. This alloy is not perfectly white and therefore the white gold is rhodium plated. Rhodium plating is a finishing treatment, which will eventually patinate. This applies especially to rings, bracelets and other exposed jewellery. To maintain the whiteness of the gold, it should be treated with rhodium by Highlands Jewellery.