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It started with coffee cup stains and pencil scribbles and nothing else to lose.

In a notebook, in the Southern Highlands of Australia, the word ‘jewellery’ appeared, an answer to a question that hadn’t even been asked. The writer wrote some more, thought some more, then made some jewellery. It worked, so she did it again.

Now, we are Highlands Jewellery.

It was among lush greenery and Summer rains – and after a lifetime of being exposed to different cultures and styles – we created a line of simple, elegant jewellery that stays true to our love of simplicity. We are dreamers, designers and collaborators, drawing inspiration from our Japanese and European roots.

We design jewellery for women like us. We work long hours, but know when to take a deep breath. Design is important to us, but so is taking a quiet Sunday morning for a bush walk and a new Spotify playlist. We’d love to live in a house from Belle magazine, but we don’t. (And if we did, you’d probably find a stray sock in the hallway or a stack of dishes in the sink waiting for the fairies.) We still steal clothes from our mums. We drink coffee all day long. We are imperfect, we are polite, we are sassy. And we want you to have a good time when you hang out with us, whether it’s online or at the shopfront we’ll open one day.

So, take a look around. We’re really glad you’re here.